Benefits of Membership

When you become a member of the Association, you become part of an organization which does the following things:

  • supports children and quality public education
  • fights for fair and equal treatment of its members
  • works to increase the public respect for all education professionals.

How do you benefit from being part of your Association?  In many ways:

  • Members receive professional support, intervention, and representation if:
    1. you are not being paid fairly;
    2. you have a conflict with an administrator or supervisor;
    3. you are confronted with a hostile parent encounter;
    4. you have concerns about your evaluation;
    5. you are recommended for non-renewal of your contract;
    6. you have been refused a requested transfer or a promotion;
    7. you are the target of discrimination or sexual harrassment;;
    8. you have problems related to your teaching license or HQT status
    9. you need help in understanding and securing leaves of absence, maternity leaves, and rights under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA);
    10. threats have been made to your security.
  • Members have access to:
    1. editions of the NEA Educator, delivered to your home;
    2. accurate and pertinent information regarding education and labor issues via email list-serves;
    3. professional development opportunities on issues important to educators and labor;
    4. free or fee-reduced professional workshops/trainings provided for all members; and information from and support of professionals who working full-time for all members to ensure fair and equal treatment for all educational professionals, locally and on the state level.